To ensure driver is listed on, we ask that you meet these eight key metrics:

Punctuality, reliability, proactive clear communication, meeting the travellers expectations, clean and tidy vehicles, helpful, a timely pick up and smooth drive.

By ensuring these eight key metrics are met, you are more likely to get approval from us

Yes! The Driver App allows drivers to connect with the Shuttle Daddy Dispatch software in an easy and fast way.

With this app on their phones, the drivers are able to:

  • accept and manage jobs sent from the dispatch
  • communicate faster and respond instantly via the quick notifications system
  • switch on GPS tracking at work, allowing the company to be more efficient at assigning them new jobs

No! Working with the Shuttle Daddy Driver App is easy and very intuitive. It also does not require any technical knowledge.

Because we value our hard-working drivers, we want to make sure you’re rewarded for your effort and commitment. You’ll get 75% commission per trip